Career at The App Dynamics

At the App Dynamics we understand the central role our employees play in the success of the company. We are defined by the unique talents and insights of our employees who work collaboratively to meet challenges and to make successful products. It is their winning combination of commitment, skill, and flexibility that delivers our vision and enables us to live our unique sense of responsibility across the business.

Our commitment to our employees is therefore long-term and brings real rewards. We offer access to all sorts of great benefits and a fine workspace. Here at PureLogics, employees grow personally and professionally. Experience the atmosphere we cultivate and our commitment to values. It is our vision of teamwork, integrity and respect for the individual.


  1. Working week consists of five days only.
  2. Earn cash prizes and fame through best three performers of the month policy.
  3. Increment after every maximum six months period.
  4. Late sitting, weekend and holiday work compensation plans.
  5. Provident fund scheme.
  6. Paid annual leaves with encashment option.
  7. Probation period of 2 months only.
  8. Table Tennis / FoosBall in sports room.
If you think you've got what it takes to be the part of the App Dynamics, apply to join us at the App Dynamics by sending your resume and coverletter to