Helping parents make a better cognitive world for their children.
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About the App

ABC Fun app is a great alphabet app by The AppDynamics, helping parents make a better cognitive world for their children. Children have sharp brains — well, sharper than you think. Their brains start absorbing  words and letters when they are toddlers. ABC Fun is capturing the market as parents’ savior to help craft their toddler foundation better. You can use this app to help your children come out of the world of just cartoons and other funky toys and help them land in the world of education even before preschool life.

ABC Fun app is a tremendous interactive alphabet app, a great addition to the world of child learning apps. It is one of the best options among beginner learning apps that start with letter recognition, phonics, and vocabulary building. Kids can enjoy 26 animated flashcards, one for each letter of the alphabet. These 26 cards can build the foundation for reading comprehension skills. Kids can learn their alphabet along with engaging images that develop their interest and engagement throughout the educational journey.

Notable Features

User-Centric interface

Persuading kids towards learning is tricky, but our app provides a user-centric interface that captures the kids' attention.

Colorful App

Colorful representation of the ABS fascinates the kids in holding their interest. Engaging colors and the phonics representation make a great dynamic duo to retent the children's attention.

Segregation of Uppercase and lowercase letter

Ads and Purchase Free

To combat hindrances in your toddler's learning, we have made things easier: we give free-of-cost features that are paid on other platforms. No ads and no in-app purchases — what could be better than this?

Offline Access

The Internet can create hindrances in learning anywhere, but you don't have to worry at all! Our app works ideally even without the internet to provide disrupted learning to your children.

Button and Swipe Feature

We have created this app to provide convenience in learning, so our app has a traditional button to switch numbers back and forth. Besides, there is a simple swipe option to move to and fro among numbers.

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